What is Obaba.Shop

"Best Business Solutions Provider".

One stop industrial procurement platform for manufacturers across the country, our vision is to make industrial procurement painless & easy. Launched in 2016, Obaba.Shop created a smart procurement platform which is a combination of a curated marketplace & a purchase management software. Along with an online platform we also have an outsourced purchase management service for our enterprise clients.

Our Vision

Obaba.shop,seek to bring a revolutionary change in the industrial supply operations on national and global scale. While our mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and B2B merchants, our vision bespeaks formation of an exclusive online-trade ecosystem, which caters to the diverse needs of buyers and sellers.

Our Mission

Obaba.shop commit ourselves to the philosophy of Buyer Be The GOD and promise that:
Obaba.shop aim to eliminate inefficiencies in buying of industrial goods by removing to seek Quotations, Negotiations from the purchase process of the industry. Obaba.shop pledge to better the quality of Indian manufacturing by selling only genuine certified products. It will also add to the GDP growth of the country by efficient buying & selling process.

Complete Solution for Corporates

Obaba.shop deal in more than 16 categories in nearly 1000+ brands.

Obaba.shop have over 2 Lakh+ SKU covering wide range of products.

Obaba.shop also feature in unused/dead inventory from different vendors, fullfilling the need of hardly available products in market at best price.

Why Obaba.shop?